Get your mates together

Welcome to a world of sports where your game will never be ruined by the wind or rain. Whether you like to use your hands, your feet, or a bat, we have something to make your weeknights a little more fun. Time to get out of the house and come to our place, the home of Indoor Sports in Blenheim.

All it takes is six people for Indoor Netball or eight people for Indoor Cricket. Or if racquet sports are more your thing come have a crack at PickleballBadminton, or Table Tennis

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Sport is our Passion

For over 35 years we have been the home of Indoor Sports in Blenheim and were one of the original centres operating in New Zealand. Indoor Sports are our passion and believe that they are the perfect way to learn and develop your skills, whether you are a social or competitive athlete. We continue to introduce new sports to our facilities, and cater to a wide range of sports. Talk to us today how you can use our facilities for you or your teams training. 


Everyone is welcome

Young or old, fit or unfit, big or small, it doesn't matter as we have something for you. Our sports can be played in a serious or social division, or none at all. Gather some mates and book a court for a game of your choice at a time that suits you.  

At Blenheim Indoor Sports you have no excuse for staying home and watching TV, get out, get active and have a great time with other people doing the same.


Pay as You play

No need for a membership or affiliation fee around here. Our mission is to make your journey to playing sport simple. So pay as you play. Simple as!

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Come train with us

We aren't just about organised sport, you can also train at Blenheim Indoor Sports. Come use our cricket bowling lane with 20m run-up. If you have no one to bowl to you, then hire our bowling machine and work on your technique, or just have a casual whack. 

All of our sports courts are available for use for training. 

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