Take the world’s most popular sport, make the teams smaller, add a net to the mix and you have the super fast and exciting game that we like to call Indoor Soccer. Played with four people per team in an enclosed 28m x 11m wide, by 4.5m high net, the ball is always alive.


Improve your footwork and stay in shape

The perfect sport to work on your footwork over the offseason, or simply as a great way to keep in-shape and have fun with some friends. We have leagues for all ages, and abilities. Girls can mix it with the boys, or with enough interest, there could be a separate girls league. 

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Casual training sessions

On weekends courts are available for casual hire. If you can get enough mates togethers, contact us and arrange a time. Our courts are commonly used during the winter month's for outdoor football teams training when weather affects trainings on local playing fields. If it starts raining prior to your team's outdoor training, feel free to give us a call and arrange a training court at short notice. 


The rules are simple...

 - 4 players per team, but you can have substitutes.

- 4 x 9 minute Quarters, (2 minute breaks) 

- Ball must not travel higher than shoulder height.

- No grabbing the net.

- Normal Soccer rules apply for tackling.


Get together yourself and three of your friends and enter your team now.