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Results & Fixtures

Simcox Stadium Blenheim Indoor Sports Centre     


Tuesday 25/417:

5.45:   The Who v Avocato, Creepy Cheaters v Phoenix;

6.30:   Sweet As v KAPOW, Suicide Squad v Well Below;

7.15:   Hard n Fast v Bubble Gum Girls.


Wednesday 26/4/17:

6.00:   Battlers v Misfits;

7.15:   ½ Dozen v Smugglers.


Friday 28/4/17:       

6.00:   Boomtown Beavers v Pirates;

6.45:   Shinkickers v Stags;

BYE:   4MN.


Thursday 27/4/17:

5.45:   Mixed Bunch v Mustangs;               

6.30:   No Names v Vicious & Delicious;

7.15:   Monkey Mafia v Acro;

BYE:   All Blacks.

Monday 1/5/17:

5.45:   NWA v No Twosies, Aces v Huggies;

6.30:   Custom Made v 2 Many Shots, Victorious Secrets v The Opposition;

7.15:   Backpackers v The Hunters, The Fullas v Balls Up;

BYE:  Ball Girls.       

Tuesday 2/5/17:

5.45:   The Who v Phoenix, Well Below v Avocato;

6.30:   Sweet As v Bubble Gum Girls, Creepy Cheaters v Suicide Squad;

7.15:   Hard n Fast v KAPOW.

Photos by Jo Southgate Photographer