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Results & Fixtures


Simcox Stadium Blenheim Indoor Sports Centre

Draw for week beginning 23 /10/17:



Wednesday  25/10/17:

6.15: Smugglers v Battlers

BYE: ½ Dozen         



Friday 27/10/17:     

6.00: The Boyz v Kumul-Kiwi

6.45: Autoline v Shinkickers




Monday 23/10/17

No games Labour Day


Tuesday 24/10/17:

6.00:Netball Nija v Wolfpack: The Who v WIP

6.45: SPAZ v Phoenix: Mad Girls v Black & White

7.30: Sweet As v Creepy Cheaterz

BYE: Hunters          


6.00: Mixed Bunch v No Names

6.45: Acro v Balls Up; Mustangs v Wet Nets

7.30: Lil Ramsays v Vicious & Delicious

Monday 30/10/17

6.00: Mahi Toa v 2 Many Shots: Backpackers v The fullas

6.45: Aces v Renwick Truckers: Sharpshooters v NWA

7.30: Trial & Error v Sweaty Bettys: Slugs v Custom Made

Tuesday 31/10/17

6.00: Hunters v Spaz: Netball Ninjas v The Who

6.45: Phoenix v Sweet As: Wolf Pack v Black & White

7.30: Wip v Mad Girls; Creepy Cheaterz v TBC




3.45: Smashers v Dragons Rules


Tenpin bowling

 Beginning Monday 6th of November


 There is NO netball on Monday 23rd of October due to being Labour Day.

Photos by Jo Southgate Photographer