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Indoor Netball is a fast and non-contact sport suitable for all ages, fitness levels and sizes. We can guarantee wind or rain won’t affect your game and even supply the umpires and equipment. Indoor Netball is a great excuse to get away from the TV on a weeknight and play in a team with some friends or work colleagues.

Simple sport to learn

The sport is easy to learn and is great fun when played mixed with men and woman. Our friendly staff will gladly help you understand the rules if you are new to the game, or would simply like to know a few more rules. 

Grades to suit your ability

Indoor netball is a great way to get your 30 minutes of exercise each day and keep yourself in shape, or get yourself into shape. Our league structure lets you play at a level suited your ability, while also giving you the chance to improve your game and one day be crowned a champion. We have social, intermediate and competitive leagues available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, running all year round.


Effective Defense

The rules are simple...

  • 6 players per team.
  • 4 x 9 Minute Quarters (with 2 minute drinks breaks)
  • 3 Attackers & 3 defenders on each team
  • Maximum of 3 Men per team
  • Get 2 points for shooting from outside the goal circle
  • And the basic rules of outdoor netball apply (i.e no running or bouncing with the ball)

6 a side is played on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights.


With our new full-size 7-a-side netball court, you can play the traditional version of netball in a comfortable and friendly environment. With the latest in rubber sports flooring, our court is big on grip and more comfortable for the body than a wooden floor. The game is played to the rules of the international game. Great to keep up the skills in the off-season or as a simpler option than joining a local netball club. We have leagues for both young or old.

7 a side is now available on Wednesday nights.

If you have enough friends for a team sign up online for our next competition or let us find a team for you.



Photos by Jo Southgate Photographer