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Winter Leagues are back!

5 March 2014


Indoor Cricket, Netball, Soccer, 10-pin bowling, Table Tennis, Badminton, Fast 5 netball, Fitness Class, Kick n Catch


We love winter time because it is the time when people head back indoors and make the most of Blenheim Indoor Sports. You have no reason to be bored this winter because we have so many sports on offer.

So many reasons to get active this winter. Get together a group of friends and we will take care of the rest, simply turn up and play.

Winter always brings out the keenest Indoor Cricketers, an action packed game involving 8 players some incredible shots and classic catches. With the ball always in play you will be sure to get catches your way or get the run out opportunities you dream of. 

For a good run around give indoor netball a go. A non-contact sport for all abilities in which you can be a defender or an attacker. Make magic passes and epic 2-pointers from outside the goal circle and be the talk of the office at the next mornings water cooler meeting. 

If you have got 'hands like feet' or 'couldn't catch a cold' as we say in cricket, then indoor soccer is probably more your thing. 4 on 4 in a 28 x 12 metre enclosure where the ball is always alive and you are set for 45 minutes of intensity. Keep the ball below the shoulders and use your skill to weave your way to the goal mouth, before slotting it past the keeper.

Like to have a drink while you play your sport or not so keen on getting a sweat up, well it is about time you gave 10-pin bowling a crack. Simple game really, knock down 10-pins and then repeat. But maybe it isn't as easy as it sounds, so come try for yourself, crack 200 and you earn bragging rights, crack 300 and become a legend. 

Have you got better reflexes than your cat? Maybe table-tennis or badminton are more your thing. A classic duel never hurt nobody, especially when there is a net seperating you and your opponent. Beat them with delicately placed shots, or smash them out of the game by putting your shoulder into it. 

Not really one for sport, but want to get in shape? try our fitness classes. A mix of exercses using your own body weight, medicine balls, swiss balls, light free weights and skipping ropes, these classes are sure to get your heart rate ticking and your calories burning. 

Call us today for more information on 03 5784851 or enter online to take the next step in getting yourself active this winter. 

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Photos by Jo Southgate Photographer