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And the winners are...

6 April 2012

The Blenheim summer (that almost never was) has finally come to an end. This means that our summer leagues have ended and we can now annouce the Winners and Runners Up for the 2011/12 season! 

Thank you all for your support

We would like to wish everyone who took part in any of the competitions at Blenheim Indoor Sports a massive thank you for help making our sports leagues the success they are.

2011 brought huge changes to Blenheim Indoor Sports, and has been a learning curve for everyone involved. 2012 is going to be our biggest year in our 25 years of being in the sports business and we are excited by what lays ahead.

Congratulations to all the Winners

After many hard fought battles on court we congratulate all the winners on your success. We hope that you come back and defend your title next season and give the opposition something to aim for.   

So here are the winners...



Div 1 Winner: Go Hookers
Runner-Up: The Boom

Div 2 Winner: Renwick Truckers
Runner-Up: Untouchables

Div 3 Winner: Jash
Runner-Up: Hidden Talent


Div 1 Winner: Team Renwick
Runner-Up: Tu Meke 2

Div 2 Winner: Sweet As
Runner-Up: Golden Unicorns

Div 3 Winner: Tactics
Runner-Up: Murray and the Others


Div 1 Winner: Balls Up
Runner-Up: Charlotte

Div 2 Winner: Acro
Runner-Up: Mixed Bunch

Div 3 Winner: Squatch Hunters
Runner-Up: Kono Seafoods

Div 1 Winner: 50+
Runner-Up: Small Soldiers

Div 2 Winner: Pussyfoots
Runner-Up: The Chavs

Div 3 Winner: Awatere Valley
Runner-Up: The Moas

Div 1 Cup Winner: ½ Dozen
Runner-Up: Liquorland

So there they are, the 2011/12 Summer Champions and Runners-up! We hope to see you all again in the Winter.

Happy Easter from the team at Blenheim Indoor Sports.


Photos by Jo Southgate Photographer